Birth Rockstar Shalome Doran

I am pregnant, and a mom, but that's not the only reason why I love this woman and her mission. I have always been allergic to have to fit into to boxes, meet standards for a valid experience, or being forced into choices that just weren't aligned. And it happens so often. She is here to support you to make the choices that fit and suit YOU. 

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Shalome wants to live in a world where women approach their birth with excitement and awe. A highly-medicalised hospital birth and 2 sensational home births taught her that a little preparation can make ALL the difference, and that you can feel like a total Rockstar when you birth, regardless of how you birth. 

Shalome works with pregnant mamas to replace their fear of pain with the insights and self- belief to roar their baby out - by creating their own informed, empowered and amazing birth experience. When she’s not gushing about empowering birth stories, you can find Shalome editing her digital-baby, the Rockstar Birth Magazine 

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