The Wise Ones and Come of Age... Episode #4 with Stephen Jenkinson


You know those times you listen to a voice, a talk, a something that when it’s over you feel changed? That’s how I felt the first time I listened to Stephen Jenkinson talk.

Even more so after interviewing him. 

I could sit next to him around a fire and listen forever. In the lack of many elders in my life who I go to with my questions, in many ways here is a man who leads the way.

In this episode we talk about

*elderhood and the disappearance of elders in our society

*wisdom and what it is to be wise

*his new book ‘Come of Age’. 

*his work with people facing death

His way of presenting these important themes is not full of fear, it is full of life and hope. 

Enjoy his words. 

STEPHEN JENKINSON is an activist, teacher, author, and farmer. He has a master's degree in theology from Harvard University and a master's degree in social work from the University of Toronto. Formerly a program director at a major Canadian hospital and medical-school assistant professor, Stephen is now a sought-after workshop leader, speaker, and consultant to palliative care and hospice organizations. He is the founder of The Orphan Wisdom School in Canada and the subject of the documentary film Griefwalker.

Find more about him here:

His books:

Come of Age

Die Wise

His Orphan Wisdom Facebook Page:

Becoming Nature Podcast; Mini Episode #1

6 Plastic Free Solutions for Your Everyday Life

In this mini episode I present 6 easy swaps from plastic to plastic free you can make in your home. These won't cost you much, some will even save you money. Comfort wise you should still be covered as well... ;) 


Is it full on Zero waste with little selection, no. Is it a good start, YES. This may tickle your curiosity to more changes, more ways to limit your waste. We all start with what and where we can. 

Some of them you probably know, or have heard of, maybe you just forgot or don't have resources for where to get your hands on them. Maybe this is your first time looking into what you can do to decrease amounts of trash and plastic in your household. 

Either Way I hope you will find it helpful and feel free to share with your friends that may need some Inspiration. 

The links presented are NOT affiliate links, just companies I really like or have been recommended. I've tried to link to companies that are located on different continents, so we lower the foot print that shipping World Wide can leave!

Also most big Cities now have stores dedicated to Zero Waste living. Health Food Stores have more and more options for plastic free living etc. And the more we ask, the more they will respond to the demand. Our Dollar is our vote. 

Come Spring and Self-Sufficient Success.

Last year I tried this thing on going *big* with the blogging. I think I took a dive into it with an off-start point, as I don’t enjoy writing advice and how-tos. I like writing about life, not so much to inspire the masses, but as happens to many I know, things process in a different way through writing, talking and sharing. 

One of the reasons why I enjoy circle work so much, is because things process differently in a setting like that. Where we aren’t there to deliver, put up a show, or put on a mask; it’s a different way of relating to self and others. 

So sitting down here at the computer, I am relating to this in a new way. Many have asked why I don’t blog about life here in the forest. Or show what we do and choices we’ve made. It never really stuck with me … why would that be interesting? However over the past few months I have begun to feel a desire to share a bit more. Realizing, I guess, that we are doing a lot of cool things here. 

My beautiful sister has been my communications woman for a month and she also got the inspiration stirring. So here we go. Attempt number 14 to find a way of creating a blog presence that feels creative and interesting to write. 

Spring here has been a tease for a few weeks. Are you coming? Nope not yet. Patience, people of the north. And there has been a weird energy in the people around me, and myself included, of wanting to get things rolling, and still not feeling fully capable to gain momentum. I’ve felt a long take off ramp is ready and yet my body hasn’t been willing to unfold in the pace that I’ve set things up for. 

 Sorting seeds and checking in with the ones I harvested and fermented last year. 

Sorting seeds and checking in with the ones I harvested and fermented last year. 


But this weekend it was as if it finally clicked into place and we put on warm clothes and fled into the garden. We got the seeds out, trying to plan what we would like to grow this year. And more importantly, where. 




One of the biggest lessons has been - PLAN - and be realistic in our ambitions. I once was told that after 5 years of getting this self-sufficient lifestyle going, you will have made enough mistakes to begin a route to success. It feels like we may need a little more…

I have a good feeling about this year and our harvest adventure. 

This is what our first real spring garden looks like - mud and more mud. We got most of the early veg ready and have it in a warm(er) space and hopefully we will begin to see little green heads popping out of there soon. 



We’ve had success with onions, potatoes, zucchini, strawberries, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, peppers, garlic, rocket and beans. So this is where we are starting. Hoping to add some cabbages, squash, pumpkin and leeks this year. Cross your fingers. :)

Our idea is that guests at the *Forest Retreat House* can enjoy going out and fetching greens for their dinner. I will write about this space soon. It's an adventure for sure!!! 


Bleeding sustainably...

Skærmbillede 2017-12-20 kl. 09.57.06.png

Most women are beginning to notice the rise in women owning their blood. Some find it over the top, gross, something that should continue to be private and toned down. 

Others, me included, find the power in knowing how my cycle influences me throughout the month. And more so how my way of living influences my cycle. It is our feedback system if we dare to listen. It tells a lot. And whether you feel like claiming it publicly or not, I can only recommend beginning to explore your cycle. 

This is not only the bleeding time, but the full cycle from pre ovulation all the way around to the days you bleed. 

Tuning into emotions, mood, physical sensation, energy. In this post I share a little more on tracking your cycle. Take a read…

For this post I wanted to bring attention to the less-waste approaches I’ve made when it comes to my cycle. 

It is very simple actually, I stopped buying pads, tampons (only used those when I was a teen) and have invested in 6 fabric pads and a luna cup. That is all I use. 

It is easy. I have a little wet bag for used pads. Wash them with towels etc. No smell or a bloody mess… haha. 

But the thing that brings me true joy is what it saves me money wise and Earth wise. 


The Numbers

Meet Jaluna Red ;) . She’s 50 and just had her last period. She had her first when she was 12. She has 2 children and with both kids her cycle began again 10 months after giving birth. 

The past 2 years her cycle has been a little irregular.  So taking all of this into calculation, she has had around 408 bleeds in her life time. 

Jaluna used to bleed 5 days on average and used 4-5 pads or tampons a day. (You can do your own calculation. I have 3 girls so I will experience fewer.) 

Jaluna has used a whopping 8160 pads/tampons in those years!! That’s a lot going down the drain or in the trash! 

She used a common brand, non organic etc. 1 pad cost her around 20cents.* So in her life time she spends roughly 1600USD on pads/tampons alone.

It’s a lot really. 



My calculation
So let’s say I have to buy three cups in my bleeding years. Each cup lasts around 10years = 17USD per cup.

And then 3x 6 cloth pads (those who can make them themselves can save even more) = 25USD for a 6pack.

All together it has cost me roughly 126USD with the zero waste version. 


A lot of math, but worth doing! 

So there are a few motivation pointers to look at when it comes to choosing what you use. And more and more are coming up: underwear was recently launched for example, so you don’t need any of the options above, sponges and more. 

Glancing at these numbers it gives me the sense of the scale of our choices. 

Little me may not make a big difference… we think. But let’s say that I get 4 friends to join me. We’ve already saved the world from 32640 pads/tampons. Each of those 4 inspires 4 more etc. and all of the sudden we are making an impact. 

Numbers will vary no doubt. Cost will vary no doubt. But the amount of trash we generate continues to rise. Where it goes. What it means to our Earth will also be discussed, for me my consumption and consumer habits is in my power and worth looking at 1 million *little me* actions is no longer insignificant! 

I hope that this post will inspire you to do your research and what is out there, and maybe find a way to bring the number down of what we throw away or flush out into our water. 

With Love

For inspiration on zero waste action in your business check out this post... 


*I ran it through Google and these are prices on average in Europe. See links below. It will vary from country to country. But the amount of pads being thrown away is the same, regardless of the price.

[Day 30] Thank you

Thank you for being a part of this challenge.

Thank you all for being a part of this challenge. As I have said several times I have loved reading your posts, comments, feedback and thoughts. You are a very wonderful group of people. Please read the email I have sent you all.

I will be sending the winner of the 4 session an email shortly.

I would like if you could write 1 word in the comment box below that sums up this challenge for you? 

In true gratitude <3


[Day 29] Dear me...

Letters Play Important Roles in our Lives

So we are at the day before the end, or the beginning. We started with the question what does being mindful mean to you? What qualities does that bring to your life?

Today I would like you to look at what this focus, this commitment has brought to you this past month. What are you taking with you? What is important for you to remember or remind yourself of further down the line? But not blogging about it for me/us to read (of course you can if you want to share that).

I always do this exercise at the end of a course or a longer 1:1 program. I would like to you to write a letter to future you. Reflect on the questions above. Close your eyes and recall what has touched you, what were you reconnected with, what challenged you, what are you afraid you might forget?

Write a letter with everything you want to tell yourself.

This site is awesome. You write yourself a letter, select a date in the future and it will send it to you. I would advise you to select a date a few months away. Maybe even a year from now. If you now a better site please use that.

Looking forward to sharing one last day with you all.

[Day 28] Tying up loose ends

Mindful living blog challenge

Do you have an endless list of little things that you need to get done? Things that seems less important but still tend to create stress, or maybe comments from your partner (my house :))? Is there a book you want to finish? Is there an email you need to send, but have been putting off doing?

Procrastination sounds a little like an illness - maybe for some it feels like it. Other times the big things get put in line first leaving the little things to pile up and they begin to feel a bigger. Do you know the feeling?

You know that getting them done can leave you feeling so satisfied and peaceful. Not getting it not can foster judgement and a harsh tone towards yourself. This is also a good practice to sort through what you actually can do, and what is out of your limit.

Being mindful can help you out of constant worry and obsession about these kind of things. And today I would like you to look at it two fold.

tying loose ends


1. Are there are any little things, that you have been putting off doing, that you can finish today? How does it feel to tie that end?

2. Is there something that feels unfinished but is out of your "power" to finish? How does that feel? How could you bring in your practice and let it be, even it is just for a moment. Can you create space for yourself? How could you tie that end for yourself?

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 27] Sit... again

Mindful Ground mindfulness meditation

Haven't we done that already? Well yes but I would like to bring in some formal meditation again. It is an important part of a mindfulness practice. Is it a time where you have decided and commit to being with yourself and what arises as you sit or lay down. Reflections, time, writing, resistance, confusion, wanting more of the good stuff can bring you to your head a lot.

Today we are bringing awareness back to the present moment, to what is happening right now. I would also like for you to notice if getting yourself to sit has become easier, harder, the same throughout this challenge? Do you feel more motivated?

A long time ago when I did my first training, I felt that the more I meditated, read about meditation, went on retreats, the less I knew. At one point I said to my teacher "I don't think I know what mindfulness is", her reply was "Well, now you are ready to teach". I don't know that I was, but the point is that Mindfulness is a billion different things. Awareness of what is shines a light on whatever experience is there. You can sit 1000 times, and the next time is like none of the other. What is it like for you to sit this time?

You can go back to Day 3 for link, instructions or as I know many of you already have guides etc. that you use.

Mindfulness meditation


Sit for 20 minutes. What comes up when you read 20 minutes? Can you take that time for yourself? Are there many reasons why you can't? How about reasons why you CAN?

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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A good read

Mindful Ground Saki  Sanktorelli

[Day 26] with Helen White

  Its a no-brainer that getting out-of-doors, even for just a few moments each day, is so very good for us and yet what we choose to focus upon in that time can make all the difference to the experience that we harvest.

Mindful Ground Helen WhiteWhen we quiet the incessant mind chatter and take a moment to really see...the beautiful minutiae and the awe-striking cosmic display of the universe around us, this can become like a meditation within the very flow of life. I speak of all those commonplace moments that so often go unnoticed; as when light transfigures the wet surface of a road, ignites scraggy autumn leaves or when great white clouds the size of a mountain range rise suddenly above the city rooftops.

There is awe to be experienced in such moments. Once we become open to them, these moments start to appear everywhere as though newly arrived to embellish the morning traffic jam or the rainiest of walks to the shops.

Now attuned to see what we used to miss, we reconnect with the expanded viewpoint of our own highest self and so recalibrate our entire point of view to become super-expanded and regularly joy-filled. Much of the petty drama and stress of life seems to shrink down so small, from this broadened perspective, that it could almost disappear into the pavement cracks.

These moments also provide us with a daily reminder that we are the creator of our own reality because the more we invitePhoto 2 by Helen White them, the more we receive confirmation that what we are focusing upon really does become the defining aspect of our experience. Suddenly, it seems, there are moments of beauty and radiance all around us and life becomes filled-up to the brim with intensely wonderful experiences.

Taking photographs of these moments focuses the exercise even more and will amaze you with results that make your heart sing. In fact, the technical ‘failures’, when light fragments into rainbow colours or the view becomes super saturated with light, are often the most stunning and surprising photographs of all. Be warned: this practice can become addictive once started and may lead you into new territory, even painting or creating from what your eyes newly appreciate and yet the aim of this exercise is to capture rawest beauty, not a masterpiece.

In fact, I encourage you to snap away with no concern for the artistry of the outcome as these images are quite secondary to the effect that opening your eyes to such simple moments of loveliness will have upon your wellbeing, your health and the amount of gratitude and joy that fills your days

mindful Ground Helen White

Take a small camera for a walk. Relax your eyes, disengage your thoughts (especially that self-critical voice) and allow your gaze to fall naturally upon whatever draws it. Take many, many photos and ditch all the rules, especially those that say ‘don’t point a camera towards light’ (though take care not to look directly into the sun). Enjoy and be amazed by the incredible results!

Now write a post or grab your camera or phone take and share your photos

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About Helen White

Mindful Ground - Helen WhiteHelen White is a self-taught professional artist whose work is exhibited in galleries across the UK and beyond, including London and New York, as well as being held in private collections internationally. Her paintings of moments of light – which can be viewed at - have been said to contain an energy all of their own, described by world renowned energy teacher Lee Harris (who has one on his wall) as ‘like a portal into another dimension’.

Her self-managed recovery from fibromyalgia and the profound connections that she perceived between creativity, expanded-consciousness, energy-awareness and balanced health led to the creation of a blog Scattering the Light which has added a growing readership to those who already follow her art. Now a featured author in the bestselling Adventures in Manifesting series, she shares her story and the connections she has made in her story ‘Beautiful journey, living with soul’ in the forthcoming book ‘Soulful Relationships’, now available to order from her websites.

[Day 25] Space

The best memory

Throughout this challenge we have looked at different angles, themes and reflections into Living Mindfully. A lot of them touching on creating space in life, in the moment, in the mind. I have suggested different exercises to create space.

Today I would love for you to look at ways you could do that or already do that. As we get closer to the end of the 30 days, this is a great way to begin looking at ways that work for you, what you will be taking away from this challenge.

Noting shifts and changes is important. When we have an endless line of activities and to dos we are running through them leaving little room to fully enjoy, experience and sense into where we are. Creating a little, or a lot of space can support bringing awareness to the present and also give us the chance to respond. In terms of yesterdays theme - pleasure - it can also allow us to enjoy the little things that are so easily bi-passed.

There a million tips and good advice as to how you can create space. Some of which we can gone through the past 3 weeks, but what really supports you?

It's not about killing drive or saying that slow is always the best. This is about creating room to become aware of what is.


Mindful Spaciousness


Surround shifts in setting (home to work, work to picking up the kids etc) and activities with mine spaces. What feels right for you? Closing your eyes, touching base with your breath, stretching, a mantra, a song, do whatever you feel is supportive.

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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