Being Will and Alone with Callie North, Episode #8.


I can’t begin to tell you how much I looked forward to interviewing this woman. I watched her on the Alone Show and was blown away by how she approached going out into the wild Alone.

She is a true inspiration. Her love or the planet can only rub off on you.

It became talk about the practical and down to earth ways of connecting - and why it is important.

Listen here:

About Callie:

Folk Herbalist. Songstress. Gardener. Witch. Magic Maker. Seeker. Life Enthusiast.  

Born and raised on Lopez Island, Callie spent her formative years living a nature-based lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest. Her love of the outdoors and relationship with sacred plant medicine led her to open Pachamama Apothecary in the spring of 2016. Shortly after the shop opened, Callie was blessed with the opportunity to spend 72 days living alone in the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Patagonia, Argentina. She fished, foraged and relied completely on the land for survival. Her journey can be viewed on Season 3 of ALONE, on the History Channel.

 Callie currently lives off grid in a small cabin in the mossy woods, gathering wild medicine, writing songs, and planning her next adventure.

Find her here:

Also mentioned on the Podcast: A Wilder Year:

Wild Power, exploring your cycle with Alexandra Pope, Episode #7

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Today’s guest is Alexandra Pope.

Alexandra is the co founder of along side Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer. She is also the author of several books including 'The Wild Genie: The Healing Power of Menstruation', 'The Women’s Quest Workbook' and co author of 'The Pill: are you sure it’s for you' and their book Wild Power 

Alexandra is a women’s leadership coach and educator at the forefront of the emerging new field of menstruality, exploring woman’s psycho-spiritual journey from menarche to menopause and beyond.

5 years ago I followed a calling and did a menstrual, women’s body training with a beautiful teacher Laila Torsheim here in Denmark. It became confirmation of so many truths in my body, that I simply did not have a fully developed language for. She introduced us to our lovely guest today. A woman and a mission worth knowing. 

I had the privilege of working a little closer with them during the launch of their book ‘Wild Power’ and it is a must read for women wanting to get intimate with their cycle. I will leave a link in the show notes. 

To learn more about their amazing work go here:

Zero Waste Home, Episode #6 with Bea Johnson


I interviewed Bea for the first time four years ago. At that time zero waste was beginning to grow. Today it is not only for the *fanatics* who like? to chill, it is becoming a well known and even more importantly - integratable life style. In our family we are still not close to zero Waste. But we have made many changes and are working our way there slowly.

As you will hear Bea talk about the 5 R's, I know where I still feel challenged - the refuse one. We don't buy a lot. But we say yes to way too much stuff we don't need.

I feel fueled and filled again with inspiration after speaking to her. And even though you may not feel called to go *all the way*, I guarantee you will be called to make a few changes in your home. If we all did just a fraction of what she is doing, I can hardly imagine how it could shift things around.

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The 5 R’s:





Listen in here:

Also check out:

Episode 1 - With A Plastic Planet

Episode 2 - 5 Simple Ways to Swap for Plastic free

About Bea:

Bea Johnson and her family have produced a mere pint of trash per year since 2008. Dubbed "The Priestess of Waste-Free Living" by the New York Times, Bea has been featured on TV shows and in publications all over the world. She shatters misconceptions, proving that zero waste can not only be stylish, but can also lead to significant health benefits, and time and money savings. With her simple 5R methodology and blog turned bestselling book (Zero Waste Home, translated in 25 languages, #1 on Amazon waste cat.), Bea initiated a global movement. She has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to adopt waste-free living, open unpackaged shops, conceive reusable products, and launch organizations. Leading spokesperson for the zero waste lifestyle, she has completed fourteen international speaking tours and given talks in 50+ countries on 6 continents. Her clients include Google, Amazon, Starbucks, TEDx, the European Parliament and the United Nations. She is a Grand Prize winner of The Green Awards, and a French native who currently lives in Mill Valley, California.

Move Like Water with Easkey Britton, Episode #5

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Today’s guest is Easkey Britton. A scientist, academic and social activist, with a PhD in Environment and Society, Easkey is always one to look in places others aren’t for the answers to difficult questions. Her curiosity and passion for fairness and gender equality are the qualities that others to her.

She currently works as a research scientist at the National University of Ireland, Galway, where she explores the use of blue and green space to restore health and wellbeing. Most recently she joined the EU-funded SOPHIE project on Oceans and Human Health and her work will focus on ensuring everyone has a voice in setting the direction of oceans and human health research, identifying key people who should be involved in the stakeholder discussions.

credit  ANDREW KAINEDER / @kaineder 

credit ANDREW KAINEDER / @kaineder 

A life-long surfer, Easkey’s parents taught her to surf when she was four years old and she channels her passion for surfing and the sea into social change. Her work is deeply influenced by the ocean and the lessons learned pioneering women’s big-wave surfing in Ireland and introducing the sport of surfing with women in Iran.

Passionate about facilitating creative & collaborative processes, Easkey founded Like Water, a platform to explore innovative ways to reconnect with who we are, our environment and each other, through water.

Easkey is a one off, wild hearted and free spirit. She’s ridden some of the biggest waves in Ireland; no audience, no blue skies, no golden sands, just her and a crew she trusts. Doing something she loves; chasing cold water mountains.

Watch a recent film Easkey made about her connection to the sea and its cycles below.

A Lunar Cycle:

Links mentioned in this episode:

She is one to listen to if you are interested in how we can take action and re-connect to nature. How we can heal the overwhelm and fear and begin to create the change we desire.

The Wise Ones and Come of Age... Episode #4 with Stephen Jenkinson


You know those times you listen to a voice, a talk, a something that when it’s over you feel changed? That’s how I felt the first time I listened to Stephen Jenkinson talk.

Even more so after interviewing him. 

I could sit next to him around a fire and listen forever. In the lack of many elders in my life who I go to with my questions, in many ways here is a man who leads the way.

In this episode we talk about

*elderhood and the disappearance of elders in our society

*wisdom and what it is to be wise

*his new book ‘Come of Age’. 

*his work with people facing death

His way of presenting these important themes is not full of fear, it is full of life and hope. 

Enjoy his words. 

STEPHEN JENKINSON is an activist, teacher, author, and farmer. He has a master's degree in theology from Harvard University and a master's degree in social work from the University of Toronto. Formerly a program director at a major Canadian hospital and medical-school assistant professor, Stephen is now a sought-after workshop leader, speaker, and consultant to palliative care and hospice organizations. He is the founder of The Orphan Wisdom School in Canada and the subject of the documentary film Griefwalker.

Find more about him here:

His books:

Come of Age

Die Wise

His Orphan Wisdom Facebook Page:

Radical Sisterhood and Rebirthing Sanity, Becoming Nature Podcast #3

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In this Episode 3 I interview Clare Dubois. 

You will hear:

  • How Sisterhood is one the Keys to create massive change

  • Why trees and reforestation is important. 

  • Clare’s amazing and wild story of how it all began. 

  • Why the focus is on the tropical rainforest.

  • What and where can we go if we want to make change locally 

  • More importantly why Sisterhood and what is the potential if we reconnect to our inner nature and come together as a tribe. 

I was really excited and nervous as I have been with all of these people who said yes to an interview. I feel this theme of nature and environmental issues strongly. I feel more hope than despair. And this is good. If we can sense the urgency and yet see ways to make a difference, we are on a good path.

If anything I dream that this episode will be the call to unite. Even though TreeSisters, gather the women the is a calling to all to come together. Alone we can do so much, together we can move mountains.

DISCLAIMER: The sound on my end is a little off in the beginning. Practice a little patience with me and it will get better ;)

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About Clare Dubois and TreeSisters

Clare Dubois is the founder of, a feminine nature based organisation inspiring the world’s women to take shared leadership around tropical reforestation. TreeSisters reflects Clare’s exploration of the links between feminine consciousness and Nature’s intelligence. She and her team experiment overtly to discover how to call forth the unique capacities and creativity of women on behalf of the trees. Currently funding over 2M trees a year, they are calling for all of us to help them reach a goal of a billion trees a year as fast as we possibly can in the face of accelerating climate change.

Clare is known for her whole systems approach to behaviour change and her unending loyalty and love for the natural world. For two decades she created behaviour change processes within the personal growth and social change sectors, and volunteered for three years as the UK co-ordinator for a massive agro-forestry initiative in southern India called Project GreenHands (PGH) before initiating TreeSisters.  In her own life, her aim is to reclaim balance, rediscover freedom and health and to be 'walking permission' for those who are fed up of being held back, and just want to have a go.

Becoming Nature Podcast; Mini Episode #1

6 Plastic Free Solutions for Your Everyday Life

In this mini episode I present 6 easy swaps from plastic to plastic free you can make in your home. These won't cost you much, some will even save you money. Comfort wise you should still be covered as well... ;) 


Is it full on Zero waste with little selection, no. Is it a good start, YES. This may tickle your curiosity to more changes, more ways to limit your waste. We all start with what and where we can. 

Some of them you probably know, or have heard of, maybe you just forgot or don't have resources for where to get your hands on them. Maybe this is your first time looking into what you can do to decrease amounts of trash and plastic in your household. 

Either Way I hope you will find it helpful and feel free to share with your friends that may need some Inspiration. 

The links presented are NOT affiliate links, just companies I really like or have been recommended. I've tried to link to companies that are located on different continents, so we lower the foot print that shipping World Wide can leave!

Also most big Cities now have stores dedicated to Zero Waste living. Health Food Stores have more and more options for plastic free living etc. And the more we ask, the more they will respond to the demand. Our Dollar is our vote. 

Becoming Nature, Episode 1 - Turning Off the Plastic Tap


In case you missed the news, I have launched a podcast

Becoming Nature is here to inspire you to come closer to nature.

On episode one of the very first season, I talk to Frederikke Magnussen, co-founderof A Plastic Planet.

Frederikke and his team at A Plastic Planet are on a mission.

They know that conventional plasticis what we see everywhere!

And they know that the way plastic is described is confusing. Some examples are “bio-plastic”,“drop in bio-plastic”, “oxo-biodegradable plastics”- how on earth do we know the difference?!

All three of the aboveconventional plastics take hundreds of years to break down.

And they’re damaging our marine life and polluting our planet at an awful, awful unprecedented rate. 

Or listen on iTunes here...

A Plastic Planet are all about plain speaking.

It’s either plastic, or it’s not plastic!

Plastic, somewhere along the line, has become super confusing and a complicated issue for everyone.

For people who aren’t bothered about change, they just try to complicate it even further!

A Plastic Planet want to bring a straight-talking simplicity to the world of plastic, using language that everyone can relate to. 

Hurrah for plain and simple to understand English!


In the podcast, Frederikke and I talk about:

  • the facts about single use plastic
  • how we can turn off the tap
  • where we can put pressure to help turn the climate ship around
  • When you can buy gluten-free, fat-free, dairy-free; why can we not buy plastic-free?

Tune in now and listen to this can’t-miss episode. 


And as a bonus treat, click here to get a free PDF treat - Top tips to turn off the plastic tap.

The Becoming Nature Podcast

Minimal White Border Photographic Album Cover.png

Something exhilarating is happening.

And I just know you’re going to love it.

My brand newpodcast, Becoming Nature, launches this week.

To say I am excited is an understatement!

Becoming Nature is here to inspire you to come closer to nature.






Even more so this is a personal launch. Saturday the 25th marks a special day, the podcast goes live on what would have been my dear friend's 48th birthday. She passed away in January and I wanted this season 1 to be a tribute to her, to her work, to our friendship. A tribute to the change we wanted to see. The hikes and ceremonies we did together in Nature. And also just a tribute to how much she inspired me, cheered me on and never thought anything I came up with was a shitty idea. ;) 

Are all of these interviews perfect, no. Not in the polished sense, but they did move me - every single one of the people who came on inspire me. They have something to say and a strong voice for change. 

The wonderful guests I will be hosting will inspire and motivate you in encouraging ways to live more sustainably, connected to the Earth beneath your feet!

They will show you what choices you can make in your own life to leave a gentle footprint on the planet. 

Honoringour homes, the body and Earth. 

Honoringthe wisdom of both. 

Celebrating the options we have to live more sustainable lives. 


They will do the same for you; I guarantee it. 

You’ll learn about actions you can take in your own lives to live more sustainably in the nature of your body and the nature around you. You will begin to feel clear around why this is important.

In Becoming Nature, I feed the ‘what we can do’and not just the horror stories. 

The inspiration may be born from urgency and the pain that we inflict on ourselves and the earth, but I don’t want to create panic. I want to call out the wisdom, knowledge and hope for the power we hold in our choices. 

The people I interview … their work is so important and there is a hunger for it within this community that you are apart of.

Guests will include Callie from Alone season 3, Clare Dubois; the founder of TreeSisters, Stephen Jenkinson, A plastic Planet, Easky Britton, Luke from the Holistic Survival School and more. They are an inspiration, and through their words they will impart wisdom to you on Becoming Nature.

I can’t wait for you to join me on this thrilling new podcast adventure.

My first episode 'Turning off the Plastic Tap', will be airing on August 25th via iTunes.

Stay tuned and follow the blog, Instagram or Facebook to listen in... 

Come Spring and Self-Sufficient Success.

Last year I tried this thing on going *big* with the blogging. I think I took a dive into it with an off-start point, as I don’t enjoy writing advice and how-tos. I like writing about life, not so much to inspire the masses, but as happens to many I know, things process in a different way through writing, talking and sharing. 

One of the reasons why I enjoy circle work so much, is because things process differently in a setting like that. Where we aren’t there to deliver, put up a show, or put on a mask; it’s a different way of relating to self and others. 

So sitting down here at the computer, I am relating to this in a new way. Many have asked why I don’t blog about life here in the forest. Or show what we do and choices we’ve made. It never really stuck with me … why would that be interesting? However over the past few months I have begun to feel a desire to share a bit more. Realizing, I guess, that we are doing a lot of cool things here. 

My beautiful sister has been my communications woman for a month and she also got the inspiration stirring. So here we go. Attempt number 14 to find a way of creating a blog presence that feels creative and interesting to write. 

Spring here has been a tease for a few weeks. Are you coming? Nope not yet. Patience, people of the north. And there has been a weird energy in the people around me, and myself included, of wanting to get things rolling, and still not feeling fully capable to gain momentum. I’ve felt a long take off ramp is ready and yet my body hasn’t been willing to unfold in the pace that I’ve set things up for. 

Sorting seeds and checking in with the ones I harvested and fermented last year. 

Sorting seeds and checking in with the ones I harvested and fermented last year. 


But this weekend it was as if it finally clicked into place and we put on warm clothes and fled into the garden. We got the seeds out, trying to plan what we would like to grow this year. And more importantly, where. 




One of the biggest lessons has been - PLAN - and be realistic in our ambitions. I once was told that after 5 years of getting this self-sufficient lifestyle going, you will have made enough mistakes to begin a route to success. It feels like we may need a little more…

I have a good feeling about this year and our harvest adventure. 

This is what our first real spring garden looks like - mud and more mud. We got most of the early veg ready and have it in a warm(er) space and hopefully we will begin to see little green heads popping out of there soon. 



We’ve had success with onions, potatoes, zucchini, strawberries, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, peppers, garlic, rocket and beans. So this is where we are starting. Hoping to add some cabbages, squash, pumpkin and leeks this year. Cross your fingers. :)

Our idea is that guests at the *Forest Retreat House* can enjoy going out and fetching greens for their dinner. I will write about this space soon. It's an adventure for sure!!!