I've always created things with my hands. Since I was very young. It is like therapy to me, I feel total peace and contentment when I do. It has been something I do for me. But more and more I am asked to create for others. I do when I feel called, it is not my business, it is a playful thing. One where I can give something special, one of a kind piece. 

These are used for altars, as gifts, for personal use. I only work with things I find in nature, in a thrift store or things like old plastic tables that people want to throw away. I give them new life. 

Animals are my number 1. But other than that I let my intuition guide me. Tuning into the receiver and intention. 

Priced individually.

If you want a custom piece created get in touch. <3 



This one still isn't complete and is not for  sale as it is our own garden table. But here to show what an old plastic table can be transformed into. 


Beetle - SOLD

This stone is the size of my hand. Created as a gift for a special opening of a retreat space. 


Raven - Available

Raven on smaller stone. Honoring your voice. 

For your altar, workspace, medicine bag. 

$40 + postage


Humming Bird 


On small stone. For joy and ease. 


Feast with Owl

You will never dine alone.