These sessions are a safe, down to earth space for you to explore the stories and patterns that drain your energy. 

We look at letting these tellings be, without dictating your present life quality. 

I want you to allow yourself to feel more pleasure and presence in your life. 

You don’t have to change everything about your life and who you are to feel a little ecstasy. 


It can be a gentle, fun and caring journey. 


You are you. You belong here exactly as you are. And that’s how you are seen, held and heard when you work with me. 

We will dive deep into an area of your life where feel lost or stuck. We will unweave stories that rob you of your everyday joy. 

Our work together consists of, what in my experience creates the most profound shifts

  • Inquiry, the questions, coaching, the talks, the time for you to express yourself openly without judgement
  • Stillness, mindfulness and reflection, the listening inward practice, the time to tune in and drop down into your body, the time to just be, the insights 
  • Play, the things you want to do more of, they give you energy, that aren’t goal oriented, that wake the inner spark, the things you just don’t normally get around to