I’m Carina Jean Lyall.

I work with women

their stories, bodies, ways and in community


I am an odd mix of everything - most of us are.

  • I like full moon meditation and gangsta rap.
  • Woo woo and not.
  • My cycle is a solid foundation in my life, but I would never call myself a Goddess.
  • Three people call me mom, and I have days where I still get surprised, "Oh yeah that's me".
  • We are working towards a semi zero waste lifestyle, it stings to see the shit we do to the Earth
  • I am a crier, and get overly excited about small things
  • I love black humor the most.

More than anything I am human, and with that comes pain, joy, grief, ecstasy and days of just blah. I am in love with the ordinary.

And with all of that said, the WHO I AM is in a constant change and transition through life - and that to me is so the most exciting part.

I hold space for women to heal and feel empowered through story work, community, movement and the Earth.  

One short paragraph wouldn't do anyone's life justice but here are some of the highlights. 

Throughout my life I have moved every 2nd year. Born amongst the Natives in Northern Canada, I moved to Denmark in the 90's and within those countries we got quite the tour. I continued as an adult. I popped up all over the place - the world was my oyster. 

As a young woman in 2001, I swooped off to Bosnia to work on an American HQ military camp. I extended that stay and continued onto a British camp in Kosovo in 2002, a  tour that hit me hard and changed everything about my outlook on life. Coming home I experienced severe stress and anxiety and spent the next few years running. 

I drank, smoked, over ate, partied, didn’t sleep, and wasn’t alone for more than 5 minutes to avoid feelings. It was all too painful. It continued to be very overwhelming. I isolated myself more and more and living was really no longer a part of life. 

At one point the anxiety and restlessness was so harming to my life and my relationships that I needed to do something. Meditation was my way in. It wasn’t a miracle cure or any cult like discovery. But I found a way to hold myself and the pain with care. I began to see that I could handle the difficult stuff, and sensed compassion for myself and what I had experienced in life. There was no need to run or be numb.

When I became a mom, I went through mild postpartum depression and once again looked down the shitty black hole of feelings. 

Finding contentment within myself and truly seeing what was right there in front of me, was and is priceless. It is life. For sure, dealing with filled to the brim diapers, laundry and sneezes over my dinner takes some of the sexy out of the picture - but the living is back. 

I am by no means a perfect picture of a mother or meditator, whatever that is. I swear and enjoy a nice beer, I forget birthdays and watch crappy TV shows. But, I trust myself now. I see the pleasure, success, joy and amazingness in the simple things and oddness of life. That’s all I have – the right now – and it is messy at times. Which is also why I never wear white clothes.

My training

  • MBSR Teacher Trainings In Mindfulness - Eve Bengata Lorenzen, 2010
  • Thorough training that taught me how to draw on my inner resources and natural capacity to dynamically engage in care for myself, and to find greater peace of mind, ease and balance.
  • Shakti Yoga Training: Women’s Body and Cycle - Laila Torsheim Yogakompagniet, 2013
  • Training in a solid understanding of the woman’s life cycle, energy and physiology. I learnt how to teach special classes, lessons and workshops to women and gained an understanding of how to use yoga in relation to subjects such as menstruation and sexuality. 
  • Mindfulness Teaching with Marc Coleman and Martin Aylward, 2013
  • A year long training where I gained professional teaching accreditation from the Mindfulness Training Institute, as well as development of my own mindfulness practice.
  • Doula with Michel Odent, 2011
  • In this short course, I learnt about pregnancy, breastfeeding and birth physiology, building my knowledge of all topics.
  • Post Partum Doula with Childbirth International, 2011
  • In this course, I became trained as a Postpartum Doula, enabling me to make the transition after the arrival of a new baby easier. The Training and Certification program provided me with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be there for parents in the early days.
  • StoryKeeper, Birth Story 2014
  • In this foundation course, I become trained as a Story Keeper, enabling me to be a receiver and keeper of stories after birth, and learning the practical experience and power of this work.
  • Herbalist Academy Herbalist Training, 2015
  • ShamaFlora: Herbalist Training, 2015
  • Curvy Yoga with Anna Guest-Jelly, 2016
  • This training taught me body affirming teaching language for yoga classes, and how to incorporate body acceptance into classes, as well as introducing body affirming tools to add to my knowledge.
  • Santosha Yoga Teacher Training, 2016
  • This course provided me with a comprehensive foundation for teaching yoga skillfully with compassion and mindfulness.
  • Earth Medicine School, 2017
  • In this foundational certification program, Building my ritual toolkit and learn the practice of non-western healing.


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