a 12 month nature journey for families


A year of coming closer together 

A year of Space

A year of rewilding

A year of being outside

A year of teaching our children, through experience

A year of nature

A year of creativity 

A year of caring for our planet

A year of ‘being’ more 

A year of honoring 

This is my invitation to you as a parent. 

An invitation to create a stronger bond between your family and nature. 


More being time with each other. 


Action to pass on a healthy planet on to our children. 

This is the calling. To gather our cubs and run with the wind, splashing in the sea, digging our feet in the mud - tending to our fire. 

We, children and parents, need more outdoor time, more slow time, more fresh air and offline time. We long to be with each other. Be outside. 

A Wilder Year is all of that. Offering practices and knowledge to you as a parent. Asking you to be the teacher, exploring together, learning together, connecting deeply to the land.

Through CARE, CREATION and CURIOUSITY we will spend a year exploring the nature close to us. 

Giving us a way into a deeper understanding, respect, connection to the wild. 
One that will live in our children as they grow up and will take over caring for this beautiful planet. 

Through connection we can make change. 


Together we will walk through the seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. Learning through a full year’s cycle. Giving each one an equal amount of attention. Understanding the importance and beauty - even in the months that may challenge us. 

Each season will be packed with inspiration, guides and information so YOU can become the teacher and guide your family out into nature. But not alone. You will have a huge community traveling along side with you.

We work within the themes of Creation, Care and Curiosity. We will gain knowledge, use our hands, and spend time tending to the earth. 

Everything is delivered online with an in-person add on (see below). 

With each season you will receive: 

*6 family activities (PDF)

*2 in depth articles with background knowledge, research and facts to strengthen your foundation

*A ritual for the transition into a new season

*Interviews with inspiring peers within the wild field 

*Access to our Facebook community

*1 live Q&A in our Facebook group

*Extensive reading and resource library

*Beautiful eBook at the end of each season with all the practices


There are two ways to join:


Includes all of the above

Investment: EARLY BIRD 380USD / 2499DKK (after December 25th the price goes up to 2999DKK)

Sign up here:

In person.

There are 12 spots for this offer.

Investment: EARLY BIRD 3499DKK (after December 25th the price goes up to 3999DKK)

This includes all of the above

+ 4 full day family workshops here on our land in the forest (these workshops will be in Danish).


WINTER - Sunday, February 10th 10-16.

SPRING - Sunday, April 28th 10 - 16

SUMMER - Sunday, August 18th 10-16

FALL - Sunday, October 27th 10-16

EARLY BIRD BONUS: sign up before December 25th and receive a copy of the book (E-Book Version) of Vally Of The Heart, a children’s meditation book. Read about it here


What if we live in the city?

How what is the appropriate age for the children to join?

Can we join just one season?

Can I get my money back if we don’t get to use the course?

Do we have to have nature skills to join?

Do we have to live in the North Hemisphere to get the full benefit from the course?